Improvisation Workshop Series: "The Desire to be Creative" Feb-Mar 2019

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Matrix hosted a series of four improvisation workshops run by George Haslam.
Workshops looked at the development of musical improvisation starting from different bases and origins; including elements of music – melody, rhythm, harmony, etc. abstract interpretation and free improvisation. Each of the four sessions focused on a specific approach to improvisation, including harmonic, modal, melodic and free.

Workshop Leader:
Jazz musician/saxophonist George Haslam has fronted improvisation workshops in many countries, from South America, across Europe to Hong Kong. He has also performed across the world in concert, on radio and TV and appeared on over 50 CDs. See more about George here:

Recordings from the workshop

Improvisation from week 3 based on the TODI scale:
'Serene devotion' 20 March 2019.MP3

Two trio improvisations from Workshop 4:
Mohican improvisation.MP3
Workshop Trio.MP3


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