Kristiana Mitrollari

Yamaha Music School, Piano, Admin

Kristiana is a friendly teacher who started playing the Piano when she was 7 years old. She studied at the Hellenic Conservatoire of Music and Arts, where she obtained her Harmony Degree (at the age of 16) and her Piano Degree (at the age of 17). She also studied at the Music School of Volos in Greece, a school which combines normal High School with music studies. Her piano professor was impressed with her insight into the fields of music, her focus and her thirst for learning as well as the contribution to musical life of the school. She has been part of many concerts as a solo pianist as well as with the school orchestra and has also done lots of solo and choral singing.

Apart from music, Kristiana has a great interest in flying. She holds a National Private Pilot Licence and she is also involved with Wingwalking! 

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