Junior Music Course

4 – 5 years

The Junior Music Course (JMC) is Yamaha's flagship educational programme and our biggest course at Matrix. Children start at the age of four or five years old, which is an important window for aural development: JMC is designed especially to grasp this opportunity.
4.5 years preferred, 'younger fours' may consider starting in Music Wonderland.



Junior Music Course lessons are so much more than just a piano lesson: we sing, listen, play, move, read and write. Solfege (do re mi) is used as a key learning tool. The students gain a real understanding of what they are playing and this shows in the way they play.

The course materials are fantastic: as well as a book and workbook, there is also a CD and DVD at each stage.

JMC is great fun, and parents love watching their child absorb many styles of music naturally and with great enjoyment.

The Junior Extension Course follows JMC (go to this page to see a video about JXC made at Matrix).

See composition performances from our JMC graduates on our news page


PDFs available to download:

Junior Music Course information sheet

Instrument requirements

How to support your child in JMC

Fundamental Skills Survey





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