European Young Composers Concert 2018

Sun, 02/18/2018 - 21:34 -- matrixAdmin

Myfanwy Griffiths, aged 10, was chosen to represent the UK at Yamaha's European Junior Original Concert this year, with her ensemble 'Wolfpack'. She, co-performers Martin Ludden and Peter Fegyveres-Nagy; along with teachers and parents, all travelled to Hamburg at half-term for the event. Miffy is 10 years old, studying with Lindsay MacKenzie on Junior Advanced Course Book 8 - she is about to graduate to the Advanced Extension Course at Easter.

Yamaha produced two videos of the event:

- A rather beautiful video of Miffy (youtube link), together with a student from Hamburg, discussing their compositions.

- Here is the whole concert (youtube link) - Miffy, Martin and Peter are introduced at 19:30m into the video.

More photos of the event can  be viewed here on facebook.


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