Apple Course & Music Wonderland

2 - 4 years

Apple Course and Music Wonderland are both Yamaha Music School courses which prepare the way for the Junior Music Course. 

Apple Course
2 years

Apple Course is a lovely way for little ones to absorb and respond to music. As with all Yamaha courses, this is a thoroughly-researched music education course of real quality and depth. The teachers are musicians themselves, trained and qualified by Yamaha. The curriculum is anything but a 'singalong' or 'dancealong' to music, but each activity is carefully designed to tune young ears in to listen deeply, absorbing the elements of music in a natural, engaging, age-appropriate and enjoyable way.

Lessons are designed especially for this age group with a careful balance of repetition and new materials, with songs, musical stories, rhythm and percussion instruments, play and movement, and there is also a short teacher recital included each lesson. Lessons come with materials so you can enjoy the music and illustrations at home too.  Parents love watching how their children's responses to music develop over the course: it feels rather magical!

"My daughter has always been very responsive to music, but Apple Course really transformed her understanding of rhythm and of how music can make you feel different emotions. She was transfixed by the piano recitals, thought the musical games were hilarious and danced all over the room when we started moving our feet. Pupple is an adorable character who accompanies the children on their musical journey. We loved listening the the Apple CDs as a family, and all quickly found our favourite songs!" Apple parent, Amy Crosweller

How to join

Apple Course information leaflet (pdf)

See photos of an Apple lesson in progress here.


Music Wonderland
3 - 4 years

Music Wonderland classes introduce the keyboard

Now well-established in our school, this course is a real treasure for us and our students. Lessons include singing, musical stories, movement and listening. We add some keyboard games once the children are settled into the class (about six weeks into the course). The music is fabulous, both emotional and engaging, and the course is beautifully illustrated.

It's exciting and absorbing for children...and parents love it too!

Come to a parents information session to learn more at our Open Morning in Sutton Courtenay: How to join

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